Welcome to Quietmind Foundation

Quietmind Foundation integrates innovative research, customized applications of biofeedback, and cutting-edge neuroscience technology into everyday and working life to help people and organizations achieve peak performance.

Welcome to Quietmind Foundation

Quietmind Foundation focuses on studying and providing drug-free, noninvasive approaches to understanding and treating disorders that affect people's thinking, behavior, and movement.

We integrate neurofeedback and related technologies to enhance individual and organizational health and performance through applied Research, Assessment & Training, Education, and Consulting.

These five components are strategically designed and implemented to support and inform one another, creating a seamless process that furthers the transformative work of people and groups. We assist clients by means of a variety of cutting-edge assessment tools, identifying and implementing skills and strategies that enhance the joy of learning and the capacity for taking action. Applied results of our ongoing research allow us to offer a unique intervention capability. Our combination of biofeedback and related therapeutic technologies, life skills education, executive coaching, and organizational consulting is unparalleled.


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