Quietmind Foundation consults to public and private sector organizations and advises leaders on ways to integrate neurofeedback into their clinical treatment or human resource development programs to enhance performance and to identify and achieve stated goals and objectives.


Quietmind Foundation provides organizational development consulting and training to public and private sector clients. 

Through our consulting work, our uniquely experienced staff assist individuals, corporations, and such entities as health care and community mental health providers, education facilities, community and government groups, artists, musicians, athletic organizations, and the military to achieve peak performance in their fields of endeavor.

Our tools, techniques, and contacts allow us to serve clients worldwide. Our clients have included leaders and staff of privately held companies and major corporations and public institutions.


Here is a partial, representative client list:

  • a leading Philadelphia law firm
  • U.S. Postal Service
  • National Park Service
  • Department of Mental Health for the states of New York, Ohio, West Virginia, New Jersey, and the U.S. Virgin Islands
  • Philadelphia Department of Mental Health and Intellectual Disabilities
  • U.S. Army National Guard Judicial Advocacy Group
  • a global financial services firm serving Fortune 500 corporations  
  • a specialty pharmaceuticals corporation  
  • community-based charter schools
  • domestic and international community residential psychiatric treatment facilities.


For organizations looking to improve executive, employee, or student performance, we provide an assessment of the existing work operations and organizational culture with a view toward supporting achievement of the client’s performance objectives.


Quietmind Associates

Based on Quietmind Foundation’s assessment, customized programs are designed and delivered by Quietmind Associates staff experienced in organizational development and training as well as neurofeedback and related technology. QMA’s research-based methods enhance cognitive function, attention, and emotional intelligence. Learn more


QMF’s consulting philosophy

Group dynamics largely determine individual and small group behavior. Improved individual, team, and organizational success results from increasing awareness of often unconscious behavior patterns. The QMF approach to consulting combines, where indicated, extensive neuropsychological and neurophysiological assessments, in-depth interviews, surveys, questionnaires, and direct observation. We focus on individual and organizational verbal and nonverbal communication skills to produce empowering and solution-oriented results. Our interventions are collaboratively designed with the client to inform, enlighten, and transform attitudes and performance.


Organizations and Groups that could benefit from our consulting services:

  • Community-based rehabilitation and/or addiction services

  • Continuing care retirement centers

  • Dementia patient support groups

  • Veterans services organizations dealing with PTSD

  • Special-needs education programs for children with autism, Asperger’s, or ADHD

  • Athletic organizations looking to reduce and/or treat the cognitive and behavioral effects of concussion injuries and/or achieve optimal performance

  • Orchestras and ensembles looking to improve concentration and performance

  • Universities, public and charter schools

  • Medical clinics, hospitals, and on-site employee health centers

  • Support groups for brain injury and neurological disorders

  • Advocacy groups for brain injury, neurological disorders, or developmental differences

  • Advertising and marketing departments looking for consumer response verification

  • Corporate sales divisions looking to exceed sales quotas and boost team performance

  • Legal and accounting firms looking to increase focus, insight and accuracy.