Quietmind Foundation Sponsors

The Berman Family Foundation has generously donated $50,000 to support the dementia research program being developed at Baylor Scott & White's Dept. of Neurosurgery in Temple, TX under the direction of its chairman Dr. Jason Huang, MD. 


Wings Foundation. Provided funding for our 19-channel quantitative EEG system.

Helen Bader Foundation. Supported our initial efforts to study the use of EEG-driven stimulation biofeedback with people with early to mid-stage dementia in a senior day care center. The results were promising but inconclusive due to small sample size and lack of a control group. All current and future studies are designed to address these limitations.

The Phoebe Haas Charitable Trusts. Supported the first human trial of EEG neurofeedback for improving behavioral and executive functions in subjects with early stage dementia. QMF presented study findings at the International Conference on Alzheimer’s Disease (ICAD) in Vienna, Austria, in July 2009.


QMF has also received research funding from:


Cognitolite Limited, Ireland

Philadelphia Office of Mental Health and Mental Retardation

Philadelphia Academy Charter School


And generous contributions in support of QMF's work from:

Gifts of $50,000+


Brent and Judy Rouse

Jack and Anne Marie Vittitow


Gifts of $2,000+

Drs. Jeffery and Andie Weiner

Colin Dunwoody

Glenn Kowit

Peter Eldredge

John Gehman

Levino Tittaferrante

Michael Donna Sell

Mal and Sayre Nickerson

Thomas Breunich

Kamal and Nyantra Nand


QMF receives ongoing marketing, public relations and advertising support from:

Newton Associates, Plymouth Meeting, PA