Quietmind Foundation Staff

Quietmind Foundation's staff is comprised of a cross-section of highly-trained, experienced professionals drawn from the fields of psychology, medicine, psychiatry, research, consulting, and the law.


We also rely on the skills of staff and professionally trained volunteers to design and deliver our marketing and advertising campaigns, and perform some of our administrative functions. We have a national and worldwide network of professionals we draw on to assist us. Supervised interns have been responsible for much of the fundamental work necessary for writing, quantifying, and verifying our research projects and grant proposals and maintaining our library and contacts.


Marvin H. Berman, PhD, CBT, Founder, President

Dr. Berman earned his Master’s and PhD in Psychoeducational Processes from Temple University, where he studied group and organizational behavior. He obtained certification in Bioenergetic Analysis at the Philadelphia Institute for Bioenergetic Analysis in 1983. He has participated in post-graduate training workshops and seminars in neuropsychology, Systems-Centered Therapy, and the Feldenkrais Method. He was certified in EEG biofeedback in 2003.

Dr. Berman currently consults to senior executives and management teams on the application of cognitive neuroscience in leadership development and performance management. He has often consulted on issues regarding team development, group relations, and organizational culture. He has taken a leadership role in expanding the application of EEG biofeedback and related technologies into the treatment of neuropsychological and neurodegenerative disorders.  


James A Halper, MD, Medical Director

Dr. Halper is a (NY, NJ, PA) licensed, board certified psychiatrist and internist with a specialization in immunology and neuropsychiatry. He is on the faculty of the Dept. of Psychiatry at New York University and has been a pioneer in the field of neuropsychiatry. Dr. Halper consults internationally and is conducting research on the integration of QEEG assessment to improve the efficacy of rTMS treatment for depression. 


Neal M. Stolar, MD-PhD, Integrative Psychiatry Director
Dr. Stolar earned his MD-PhD  University of Illinois - Urbana-Champaign and is on the staff at Chester-Crozer Hospital. He's been recognized by the National Alliance for Mental Illness of Pennsylvania for his scholarship and research in the area of schizophrenia. He is working on developing innovative models for combining psychotherapy and neuromodulation in the treatment of psychosis. 


Allan Lundy, PhD, IRB Chairman

Dr Lundy earned his PhD in Social Psychology from Harvard University in 1981. Between 1992 and 2003 he was on the faculty of the Department of Psychiatry at Jefferson Medical College. During that time, he published 32 articles and book chapters. In his last six years at Jefferson he was Principal Investigator on NIH and
other grants totaling over two million dollars. Since 2003 he has been an independent consultant in research methods and statistical analysis.


Mark M. Berman, PsyD, Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Berman is a licensed clinical psychologist with more than 20 years’ experience treating clients with addictive disorders, ADHD, depression, anxiety, dementia, and sexual and physical abuse issues. His approach integrates biofeedback with psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral, and body-centered philosophies. 


Fernando Cavallo, Ph.D., ABSNP, CSP School Neuropsychologist

Mr. Cavallo is a school neuropsychologist and school psychologist in the Philadelphia School District and has trained at QMF in neurofeedback over the past 3 years. He is completing his PhD in Educational Psychology at Temple University. He is fluent in Italian. Mr. Cavallo has the unique capacity to integrate neuropsychological and neurophysiological findings into a coherent assessment narrative. In collaboration with the school district, he then maximizes each child's abilities and their overall educational experience with practical and strategically effective guidance.


Eric Miller, PhD, Consulting Music & Neurofeedback Therapist

Dr. Miller is an internationally recognized expert on the integration of music therapy and biofeedback with a variety of clinical populations. Dr. Miller has also created the Biofeedback Network, a highly regarded internet portal for biofeedback related information and treatment resources. Dr. Miller has consulted on a number of QMF clinical trials and provides ongoing technical support and guidance to our interns and trainees. 


Jarrett Wilson Henderson, MA, Research Analyst and Neurofeedback Therapist

Mr. Henderson started at Quietmind as an intern in 2009 and now currently provides treatment as a neurofeedback therapist as well as psychotherapy. He obtained his bachelor's degree from the University of South Carolina in Experimental Psychology with a cognate in Neuroscience in 2006 and his master's degree in Clinical/Community Counseling Psychology from Eastern University in 2010. His psychotherapy philosophy is integrative with psychodynamic focuses on cognitive behavioral approaches as well as Gestalt & Jungian concepts and combining those with the biophysical composition of the brain. Mr. Henderson is in the process of obtaining his LPC and PhD in Clinical Psychology.



Scott Berman, BA, Neuromodulation Systems Research and Community Outreach
Scott has taken responsibility for studying and developing marketing strategies for a range of innovative therapeutic technologies that can enhance neurofeedback and other treatment approaches we employ.