EEG Biofeedback

Biofeedback is an alternative approach to medication for people who are looking for ways to develop greater self-regulation and control of physical symptoms.
Neurofeedback is painless, easy-to-learn, alternative approach to medication for people who are looking for ways to develop greater self-regulation and control of physical and emotional symptoms. Clients use neurofeedback as a training tool for achieving greater awareness and flexibility in their responses to stress.
Passive biofeedback occurs through the use of light and sound stimulation to produce changes in brainwave activity directly without the person's active participation. Active forms of biofeedback requires the person's direct attention to the feedback being provided either in the form of visual or auditory signals. Both forms of biofeedback use electroencephalogram (EEG) information to improve the brain's flexibility and resilience in response to stimulation from the nervous system resulting in improved mood, energy, alertness, concentration, and impulse control.

Direct, self-regulated brainwave training has benefits to offer students over a broad range of abilities: from athletes and gifted students on the one hand to students with attention, behavioral, and learning deficits on the other. There is substantial scientific evidence of significant symptom remediation for those with ADHD and related neurologically-based and learning disorders. It is believed that all students can derive either some significant intellectual, social, emotional, or physiological benefits from optimizing neural functioning through explicit brain training.

Home-based Neurofeedback Training

Home training represents a cost effective method for achieving rapid results through increased ease of access and frequency of training sessions. The home training process includes an intensive evaluation using Quantitative EEG (QEEG) and neuropsychological testing and videotaped user training instruction over 5-7 sessions totaling (approx. 10 hours) so you can go home ready to conduct neurofeedback sessions on your own computer. Installation of Bioexplorer or BioEra home training software and custom-designed training protocols on the client’s computer is included. (We are only supporting the installation using Windows XP platform at this time)

Note: Clients from out of town can expect to complete the evaluation and training process in 3-4 days. Hotel accommodations are available within walking distance of our offices.

All training sessions are videotaped and you will take home a DVD of your training for your review. We will continue to work with you from home using telephone and/or internet conferencing. We will review individual session data collected after sessions are completed which you’ll send us via email. Purchase and lease options for complete home training EEG, HEG, and our unique HEEG systems are available.