Researchers at UCSF create a virtual brain lab to train brainwaves

Researchers at UCSF's Mission Bay campus are opening a new window into the human brain. It's an interactive lab that could soon be used to understand and even treat a variety of conditions.

On the day we visited the system was being road tested by a celebrity supporter of the research -- Grateful Dead drummer Mickey Hart.

"I'm in training with my own brain waves, getting in sync with them," says Hart as he drums along to videogame projected in front of him.

The lab is the brain child, so to speak, of Adam Gazzaley, M.D., Ph.D., who specializes in combining biofeedback with videogames, to both probe and train the brain.

"What we can do is see someone's brain while they interact with one of our games, in real time," says Gazzaley...

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