5 Signs That It’s Time to Seek Outside Help for a Struggling Child

"The current open question in the New Parent, Old Parent collaboration between Motherlode and Booming brought forth some of the most helpful advice I’ve ever seen from a “crowdsource.” I asked,“How do you know when it’s time to get professional help for a child who is anxious, depressed or angry beyond her years?”


Behind the scenes, I was a little worried about that as a question. On the one hand, it seemed vague. How old a child? What kind of problems? But I had a sense that for many parents who had chosen to find outside help for a child who was struggling emotionally, there must have been a moment — a point when the ordinary seemed to tip over into the extraordinary, and it became clear that reaching out would help. I thought others, looking back, might have something to say about the moment when they could have sought outside help, or the ways that help failed, or why they considered and rejected the idea."

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