2nd largest NIMH-funded study on ADHD demonstrating no sustained benefit from continued medication treatment.

From the abstract:

"Medication status during follow-up, on versus off, did not predict symptom severity change from year 3 to year 6...ADHD in preschoolers is a relatively stable diagnosis over a 6-year period.The course is generally chronic, with high symptom severity and impairment, in very young children with moderate-to-severe ADHD, despite treatment with medication. Development of more effective ADHD intervention strategies is needed for this age group."


Recently, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) revised its “Evidence-based Child and Adolescent Psycho-social Interventions” and elevated Brainwave Biofeedback to “Level 1 — Best Support” as an intervention for Attention & Hyperactivity Behaviors.